Michael Corr

See Me Artist Commission Isle of Lewis

Hello, I’m Michael Corr, a mural artist and painter, based in Alloa, Central Scotland. Having grown up on the West Coast of Scotland (Campbeltown). I can fully understand the challenges of living in a somewhat remote location. For me, creativity alongside my art practice of drawing and painting allowed me to channel my energy and express myself positively. 

I propose to create a large scale vibrantly coloured, expressive mural portrait, depicting an individual/s selected by the inhabitants of Lewis. I also wish to create and edit a video documenting the mural’s creation and initial responses to the project.

Painting Ethel Moorhead for Stobswell Forum, Dundee  (see here for Evening Telegraph Article)

Painting Ethel Moorhead for Stobswell Forum, Dundee (see here for Evening Telegraph Article)

Starting the conversation about creativity & wellbeing.

Having developed my fine art painting practice to include public art and mural painting in recent years, I’ve come to appreciate how art can connect communities and bring them closer together on a wider scale.

Creating art on location in a live setting, makes it accessible to all in the area.  Seeing a piece come to life demystifies the process of creation and helps instil it’s value within the community.

Through my experience creating art in a public location, I’ve found interacting with those local to the area invaluable. Hearing individual’s interpretations, their experiences with / memories of the subject and their relationship with art and creativity has been inspiring. Quite often those who stop to talk are people who are either interested in creating things for themselves- or who have left a creative practice behind for many different reasons.

Not so long ago street art painting was classed as graffiti or vandalism. Luckily now, shifting attitudes have made a place for creatives like myself to share their art with a wider community as something positive and enriching. 

In this way- I’d hope that we can challenge the stigmas around mental health. I’d hope to start the conversation about art and creativity, and ultimately how that can have a positive effect on our wellbeing.


In a similar way to the process with the Ethel Moorhead Mural with Stobwell Forum in Dundee, I would like to work with/form a local forum to discuss possible locations, composition and a colour pallet that is meaningful to the wider community.

I’d also be keen to hold a public vote to decide upon the final subject of the mural.


Creating the mural in a public location (either on fixed wall or temporary wall) will allow me to engage with people whilst mural is being created. My aim during this time is to share experiences and stories relating to creativity, wellbeing and even the subject of the mural. I’d like to document these conversations using video- to contribute towards a short final video piece.


  1. Frida for Alt Oasis (The Saguaro, Palm Springs) 3.6m x 2.3m acrylic on board, 2019

2. Scott Hutchison Mural (Glasgow) 3.6m x 2.3m acrylic on board, 2018 / Profits from Print Sales contributed towards Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) totalling over £7k


For more of my mural work please see my website.


Accommodation (£100 per night x 14 nights) = £1,400

Food and Refreshments (£15 per day x 14 days) = £210

Travel (Alloa to Isle of Lewis return) = 535 miles. Petrol £240.75 return & Ferry £19.50 return = £260.25

Materials (paint £1,000, tools £150, scaffolding/ cherry-picker £1,250 ) = £2,400

Artist’s Fee £400 x 14 days = £5,600

Total = £9,870.25

I’m available to begin work right away, from July 2019 onwards and estimate the project will take approx 2 weeks to complete. 


Ali Smith / Art Pistol Gallery / ali@artpistol.co.uk

Russell Pepper / Open/ Close Dundee / openclosedundee@gmail.com


Michael Corr
e: michael@michaelcorrartist.co.uk
w: michaelcorrartist.co.uk
t: 07703057502

Born 17.03.1987 Campbeltown, Scotland. Now lives and works in Alloa, Scotland.



Bachelor of Graphic Design. Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, Scotland.


John Byrne. Live painted mural for Yardworks Street Art Festival, Glasgow. May - present.

3x Portraits. Murals for Vic’s Bar, Prestwick. May - present.

Frida Kahlo. Live painted mural for Alt Oasis, Palm Springs. March - present.

Jim Adamson (NCR Dundee CEO). Mural for NCR, Dundee. December - present.

Ethel Moorhead. Mural for Stobswell Community, Dundee. October - present.

2x Portraits. Mural for Bourbon Bar, Edinburgh. August - present.

3x Portraits. Mural for CandyBar, Edinburgh. June - present.

Scott Hutchison. Live painted mural for Scottish Street Food Festival, Glasgow. May-present.

Lasting. Mural for T-Bar, Ayr. April-present.



New Faces, Art Pistol Gallery, Glasgow. 26th May - 17th June.
Scottish Comedy Art Show, Art Pistol Gallery, Glasgow. 8th - 25th March.

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, Old Fruit Market, Glasgow.  29th - 30th April.

Nikki McWilliams and Michael Corr Collab Exhibition, Maker’s Gallery, Alloa. 1st - 30th June.

Art Village, Shawlands Shopping Centre, Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow. 2nd May - 2nd December.
Weird & Wonderful, The Makers Gallery & Bistro, Alloa. 1st August - 7th November.

AnSo Live Screen Printing Collaborative Exhibition, Meadow Mill Projects, West Hendersons Wynd, Dundee. 30th August - 13th September.
Art Village, Shawlands Shopping Centre, Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow. 11th - 25th May.
Fervour: A Collaborative Exhibition, The 13th Note, 50-60 King St, Glasgow. 13th April.

Boxwood: The Magnificent Seven, 388 Byres Road, Glasgow. 10th September - 8th October.
Art @ The Mechanics, St Mary Street, Brechin. 10th - 23rd June.
ART in the Park , 530 Victoria Road, Queen's Park, Glasgow. 25th - 27th May.
WASPS OPEN WEEKEND, Meadowmill Studios, West Hendersons Wynd, Dundee. 16th - 17th May.
ART @ Drouthy's Basement (Solo Exhibition) Drouthy Neebors, 142-146 Perth Road, Dundee. 10th May.
Somewhereto_ Roadshow Exhibition, Fleet Collective, Chamber Building, Panmure Street, Dundee. 9th February.
EXHIBIT: Rose Angle ARTS Café, West Church, 130 Perth Road, Dundee. 3rd - 17th February.
Mind The Gap: Six Foot Gallery, The Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington Street, Glasgow. 23rd January - 24th February.

The Meffan: Winter Exhibition, West High Street, Forfar, Dundee. 1st - 31st December.

Eclectic Peel, The Barras Courtyard, Moncur Street, Glasgow. 4th - 11th December.
RGI Annual Christmas Exhibition, Kelly Gallery, Douglas Street, Glasgow. 3rd - 18th December.
RGI 149th Annual Exhibition (Cuthbert "New Young Artist" Award), The Mitchell Library, North Street, Glasgow. 29th October - 20th November.


Shortlisted for Rise Art Prize (artist of the Year) 2018, London.

Central Station Top 5 Graduates of 2010, Central Station.

Cuthbert "New Young Artist" Award, (RGI) Royal Glasgow Institute, Glasgow, Scotland.

The Benni Esposito Drawing Prize Award, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, Scotland.


I have been commissioned to create a variety of artwork for private and commercial clients/ collections worldwide.